Report: Kodak Black Involved In Fight In Prison That Left A Guard Hospitalized

It has undoubtedly been a rough year for Kodak Black. One that will take some serious time and effort to recuperate from. The rapper's legal troubles have piled up and now, he's behind bars as he awaits his sentencing for a gun charge. The rapper's attempted to get out on bond, although that was shut down. 

Unlike his previous stint behind bars, it doesn't look like things are going as smoothly this time around. According to Miami's Local 10 outlet, Kodak Black was involved in a prison fight on Thursday night in Miami. Two inmates got into a scrap in the prison but it's unclear if Kodak Black was one of them. The details surrounding the situation are pretty unclear right now so it's hard to determine the capacity of Kodak's involvement. 

The prison scrap ended up resulting in the injury of a prison guard. The guard was taken to the hospital but again, the details on the injury haven't been released.

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