How to keep your partner longer in relationship

Involves time and determination.when you know you are strong in love
you don't have to kill your self for it. Though love seems so, cause many people to do anything for love

Steps you have to take for a longer relationship

1. Be patient: many people lack being patient with their partner
and such a relationship can never be stable

2. Have a positive mind: when your mind always think positive then things are likely to go well with both of you

3. Self-control: many people lack self-control which spoils the love between partners quickly

4. Co-operation: it is very cool when both partners cooperate together because a positive result always comes out of it. When a relationship lacks cooperation there can never be rest of mind within both.

5. Hardworking: we all know when we work hard
something good always comes out from it, #hardworkpays.

You don't have to depend on your partner (the man) always because he is a man doesn't mean he should kill himself for you.

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