Sex positions to spice up your sex life



Sex Position: The Pretzel

a.k.a. The Pretzel Dip, The Camel Ride

Benefits: The deep penetration of doggy-style while face to face

Kneel and straddle her left leg while she is lying on her left side. She will bend her right leg around the right side of your waist, which will give you access to enter her vagina. For many women, rear entry hurts their backs. This sex position allows her to lounge comfortably while enjoying deep penetration.

Now try this: Manually stimulate her using your fingers. Or withdraw your penis and, holding the shaft with your left hand, rub the head against her clitoris to bring her to the brink of orgasm then you can reinsert when she wants you inside her.

Hot Tip — Hers

And ask her to direct you, faster, slower, lighter, harder.

Hot Tip — His

Be gentle with her clitoris. It’s more sensitive than your penis, so touch lightly at first. Some women even prefer gentle pressure around it rather than direct stimulation. Go soft, then increase speed and pressure



Sex Position: The G-Whiz

a.k.a. The Shoulder Holder, The Anvil

Benefits: Allows deep penetration and targeting the G-spot

She lies on her back. You kneel between her legs and raise them, resting her calves over your shoulders. Rock her in a side-to-side and up-and-down motion to bring the head and shaft of your penis in direct contact with the front wall of her vagina. Because this angle allows for deep penetration, thrust slowly at first avoid causing her discomfort.

Now try this: Bring her legs down and have her place her feet on your chest in front of your shoulders. This allows her to control the tempo and depth of thrusts.

Hot Tip — His

Notice her nearing orgasm. You do that by listening for her breath to become short and shallow. Flushed skin and slightly engorged breasts also indicate she’s nearing the peak of her arousal.



Sex Position: Man’s Best Friend

a.k.a. Doggy-Style

Benefits: Deep penetration and an erotic view.

This could be your next move after starting in The Flatiron sex position. Entering her from behind, you’ll be able to thrust deep so the tip of your penis touches her cervix, an often-neglected pleasure zone. But you should do this slowly and gently. Some women find it painful.

Hot Tip — Hers

She may be able to increase the intensity of your orgasm by pushing her pelvic floor muscles outward, as if trying to squeeze something out of her vagina. This causes the vaginal walls to lower, making her G-spot more accessible.



Sex Position: The Ballet Dancer

a.k.a. Get a Leg Up

Benefits: Erotic move for quickies in tight quarters. Good option for outdoor sex. Allows for easier penetration. She has control of thrusting, depth, and angle.

You stand facing one another. She raises one of her legs up and wraps it around your buttocks or thigh and pulls you into her with her leg.

Now try this: If her wrapped leg gets tired, cradle it with your arm. If she’s very flexible, lift her leg over your shoulder.

Hot Tip — His

Try this standing position in a hot shower. During the steamy foreplay, rub each other’s entire body with a coarse salt scrub to stimulate nerve endings and blood flow.


byron gray
Sex Position: Stand and Deliver

a.k.a. The Bicycle

Benefits: You can enjoy the view of your penis thrusting.

Stand at the edge of a bed or desk while she lies back and raises her legs to her chest. Her knees are bent as if she’s doing a “bicycling” exercise. Grab her ankles and enter her. Thrust slowly as the deep penetration may be painful for her.

Now try this: Have her place her heels on your shoulders, which will open her hips so her labia press against you.

Hot Tip — Hers

Encourage her to play with her clitoris manually. Also, show her that she can control your penetration by flexing her thighs.


Sex Position: Iron Chef

a.k.a. Kitchen Confidential

Benefits: Good sex position for a quickie with deep penetration.

Another variation on The Ballet Dancer, in which she raises her legs up and wraps them around your butt or thighs. Your kitchen counter is the perfect height for this standing-to-seated appetizer.


byron gray
Sex Position: H2Ohh Yeah

a.k.a. Aquaman’s Delight

Benefits: Good for an outdoors quickie, while still avoiding prying eyes.

A variation on The Ballet Dancer. Her buoyancy in the water makes this sex position easier to hold. And all you need to do is shift some bathing suit material out of the way of certain body parts; the lifeguards will be none the wiser.


Sex Position: Wheelbarrow, Standing

a.k.a. The Hoover Maneuver

Benefits: Calorie burner because it’s so athletic. You can stroll around the house in this position, but draw the shades first.

You enter her as you would in standing, rear entry, but lift her up by the pelvis and have her grip your waist with her legs. Summer camp wheelbarrow races were never this much fun!

Now try this: Ask her to rhythmically squeeze her PC muscles to help her climax.


Sex Position: Seated Wheelbarrow

a.k.a. Wheelbarrow At Rest

Benefits: Less strenuous than the standing varieties of this sex position, while still offering intense sensation.

Now try this: Try the wheelbarrow while sitting on the edge of a bed or chair. Movement is limited, but penetration is deep.

Hot Tip — His

Make some noise. Explore the deeper sexual response and energy by letting loose with powerful sounds, a roar, perhaps?


Sex Position: The Standing Dragon

a.k.a. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Serpent

Benefits: An ideal position for G-spot stimulation. Seeing the round curves of her rear tends to be highly erotic for you.

Stand and enter her from behind as she poses on all fours on the edge of the bed and arches her back to lift her buttocks.

Now try this: With your legs outside of hers, use your thighs to squeeze her knees together, which tightens her vagina around your penis.


byron gray
Sex Position: Restroom Attendant

a.k.a. Drop the Soap

Benefits: Good for a quickie at a party.

Slip into a bathroom and ask her to look into the mirror while you enter her from behind. It lets you have eye contact during the G-spot-targeting rear-entry sex position.


Sex Position: Couch Surfer

a.k.a. The Lazy Susan

Benefits: Convenient for a quickie and adds spice outside the bedroom.

Ask her to bend her body over the arm of a couch as you enter her from behind. She can grind on the firm but cushy arm for multiple stimulation with minimal effort.

Now try this: Have her cross her ankles. This will squeeze her vaginal and gluteal muscles tightly around your penis.


Sex Position: Quickie-Fix

a.k.a. The Bends

Benefits: Greater thrusting power, and good for quickie sex in your kitchen, especially if she is wearing a skirt.

Ask her to bend at the waist and rest her hands on a piece of furniture, her knees or the floor for support. You enter her from behind and hold her hips for support as you thrust.

Now try this: Reach below to caress her clitoris for extra stimulation.

Hot Tip — His

Massage her shoulders or stimulate her breasts by bending over her.

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